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What to Expect: 8 Steps to Health

Our chiropractic office uses state-of-the-art technology to provide every practice member the specific scientific chiropractic care they deserve, so you can reach your optimal health level.


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Step 1: New Member Application – All of our new practice members are required to fill out a health assessment worksheet prior to starting care so we can learn about any past traumas or risk factors you might have.


Step 2: Chiropractic Office Tour – One of our staff members will take you on an educational tour of our office to you and your family will feel at home whenever you are here.

Step 3: One-on-One Consultation – The doctor will discuss any health concerns you have, and any pertinent information we found on your health assessment worksheet will be brought up—past accidents, injuries or health problems.

x-ray based adjustmentsStep 4: Scientific Chiropractic Assessment – We will perform a full muscle and nervous system assessment using N.A.S.A. published SPACE certified technology. This tells us where there may be neurological interference in your spine, and the severity of it.

Step 5: X-Rays and Postural Exam – If we feel they are necessary, we will take x-rays, followed by a postural exam using the most recent state-of-the-art technology available. This provides an in-depth look at your spine, pelvis and muscular system, and allows us to determine what type of care is best for you.

Step 6: Principled Doctors Report – The principled doctors report is held in a group setting. We will spend about 30 minutes educating you on how your body works, and we will discuss the three T’s of subluxation. Please bring your family, or close friend to this meeting—its very educational.

Dr. Devan and his employee standing at Unity ChiropracticStep 7: Report of Findings and Care Plan – After the doctor has thoroughly evaluated all of the results from your specific scientific chiropractic assessment, x-rays and postural exam, he will discuss the personalized corrective care plan that has been written for you. He will also discuss the different payment options which are offered.

Step 8: The Chiropractic Adjustment – This is what you have been waiting for… Your first specific scientific chiropractic adjustment!

Your New Gateway to Health!
This is very important for you to understand: THIS IS A TWO WAY PROCESS! We will adjust you and educate you on an ongoing basis, but you will have to put forth your effort in order to see the results we are looking for.